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These are just a few of the hundreds of people we have helped score at the top of their fire service promotional test:

Congratulations to all of those who apply themselves and reach their goals!!

6.21.16: Houston Fire

FACP was the best course I took to prepare myself for the HFD Sr Captain’s exam. Very professional and Chief Freddie never hesitated in answering any questions or concerns. A very well designed course tailored for our specific exam. The one-on-one FaceTime session was a major factor in helping me do well on the assessment center. Came out #10 overall out of 145+ people who took the exam. I received my badge two weeks ago. Thanks FACP!!!


6.8.16:  Miramar Fire Rescue Captain Assessment:

Hey Chief Freddie, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help.. I came out number 1, I’ll be getting promoted this week.

Cliff R., Fire Captain


Chief this is Jammer from Coral Gables.  I wanted to let you know that today I was promoted to Lieutenant.  I wanted to thank you once again for your help and for giving me that final confidence boost before the test.  Thanks.



Hey Chief,

Final job offers were given for Dallas Fire Rescue. I start on May 4th! I can’t thank you enough for the training and Captain Dickerson for the reference. I will see you again in a few years for promotion!

Thanks again, Wes Hughes 4.24.16


Chief Freddie Fernandez went above and beyond to help me in every way possible so that I could “Ace” my Physician Assistant interview. The training shows results with my 75 out of 75 points on my interview. I will definitely be recommending FACP to many others. Thank you again Chief Freddie Fernandez.  With your help and practice it can be done.

Denise L.


Chief(s) I just wanted to touch base with both of you. On Friday 3/18/16 the LT promotional list was finalized for the Cape.  I am pleased to announce that my final overall score placed me number 1 on the list a full 5 points above second place.

Funny enough it turns out the second place individual was also working with you. Neither one of us had any knowledge of the other working with you until about 30 min ago. His score was 2 full points above 3rd place. With that be said it has me scoring 7 full points above the first individual who did not train with you.

So in summary we are pleased to say both first and second trained with you and really appreciate all your help. We will tentatively be promoted at the start of the pay period, this coming Saturday 3/26/16.  Thank you!


Hello Chief Johns, this is Justin Gillig, i took your new hire interview class a while ago. I’m pleased to inform you that i got employment with Palm Beach County Fire rescue the first time being interviewed,  after taking this course and will be in class 64 in February. I would also like to note that the last interview i had with Palm Beach Gardens fire rescue, before i took this class, i actually failed that interview, after doing great on every other process of that hiring. Your class is well worth the money and thank you for your time.


My name is Juan Castaneda and we spoke brief last March when I was preparing for my promotional exam for Fire lieutenant.  I was recently promoted to Lieutenant last week and wanted to thank you for the phone conversation and the guidance and help from the courses I purchased from your website. They were extremely helpful in my confidence during the testing process.   Once again I wanted to say thank you and look forward to speaking with you in the future when it’s time for the Captains test.


Good morning Chief,

Friday afternoon BSO made it official and promoted 11 of us to the rank of lieutenant. Thank you so much for your help and we’re looking forward to seeing you again in 3yrs for our captain test.


Houston Fire Captain 12-2015

I wanted to let you know I am ranked #7 out of 197 people for the assesment center portion of the Captains exam for HFD. I scored a 28.539 out of 33.33 total points. The number one guy scored a 29.270 so I am less than 1 point behind him. Thanks for all your help in the skype session as well as the great class!  Ben Perry


Chief Freddie,   I just wanted to share with you that my buddy Clay Lee scored #1 and I scored #3 on the Captains promotional process and we will both be promoted in 2016. I wanted to thank you for for your system that you and Chief Johns train over. I will continue to send members your way and if you need any referrals don’t hesitate to email me.
Thanks again,  John Martin,  Richardson Fire Department



I would like to thank you for your services during my last promotional exam. Your service definitely help me get in the top 5 and I just got the phone call that I have been promoted to Lieutenant. Thank you again!

Craig Matthews Jr., CFEI


Hi Chief’s,

Yes, I was just promoted to Lieutenant!!!  I feels good to work hard and have it finally pay off.  I followed your program extensively and yes it definitely help me.  Thank you so much for making your program available online and affordable.  The videos are very well done and I think your way of preparing is very valuable.  I will use your program in the future.  Keep up the good work.  Stay Safe!

Thank you, Alan D.  Immokalee, FL



I want to thank you for your program. I finished #1 overall and will be sworn in at the end of the year. I cannot thank you enough. Well worth the investment.

Stay safe, Joshua E.  Brunswick Fire


Training was extremely helpful. Chief Freddie offers excellent lessons to help prepare you. He balances positive with constructive criticism well. He is extremely knowledgeable!!! The program truly prepares you for anything in the interview setting. Highly recommended!   C.I. from Texas


Thanks Chief!  I scored #2 overall!  I can’t thank you enough for you help.  See you in a few years for the Captains test.  – Thomas Mormelo


Chief I placed 2nd of 32 candidates on Frisco’s Lieutenants list this year.
Thank you for the help!

Jeff D Hinkel Jr.
Frisco, TX Fire


Chief Freddie,

How are you Chief I took your oral interview class 11 years ago for MDFR , I got a perfect score. I’m a Lt for Miami dade . Do you have a program for our promotional test ? I’m studying for Capt now.

Chief Freddie,
   I received my phone call last night.  I have been promoted to Lieutenant and my official state date is July 4th.  Thank you again!!!!!  Yes you may post my comments on your website.

Pam, Orange County Florida


Good morning chiefs,

I just wanted to thank you. I took the assessment center test yesterday and feel very comfortable with my performance. Your courses gave me a very good understanding on the process,and how to organize and run different situations.

Scott-Brevard County


I came in 2nd place out of 13 candidates. 1st place gets promoted now and I will be next up on the list. Your
courses helped a lot and I don’t think I would have done so well if it wasn’t for your help. Thanks again for all your help.    JP, Daytona Beach


Chief! I just wanted to let you know that I knocked it out of the park on Saturday. I could not have done any better on the ICS (Emergency Scenario).  I want to thank you for all your help and wherever I end up on the list I want you to know that it is all due to your training.  Unfortunately I won’t be at the top since I did poorly on the written exam, but thanks to you I believe I will be one of the ones to get promoted.     Thank You.

KDS, Miami Police


The material is by far the best I’ve been able to find anywhere. I would love to have been able to see you two in action at an emergency scene. We have a few officers in our organization that could use this training. When you make the statement that not only will this material help you with the promotion, but will also help you the first day in the right front seat. It’s very true. It has changed my thought process as a fire fighter already. Thank you. C.M. Florida.


I scored number one! Thank you so much for your help! I’m very grateful!

Kristen Sargent


Chief Freddie,

The test was indeed challenging but it definitely was not impossible. I think we were well prepared for the exam but the anxiety over how the test would be administered got in the way of us realizing how well prepared we were. There were definitely some things that I could’ve said to really drive my points home but all in all I believe that I did well.

I want to especially thank you for not just training me but for also seeing in me something that I couldn’t see in myself. The first day that we met, you began complimenting me on my speaking abilities.  Your confidence in me was very encouraging and it help me to have more confidence in myself which is something that I always struggled with. I began to open up and feel that it was “okay” to speak. On the day of the exam I actually told one of my fellow sergeants that I was not nervous and that I was actually looking forward to standing in front of the assessors! I walked away feeling confident. So no matter where I place on the list, or whether or not the department places bars on my collar, I know that I have been PROMOTED AS A PERSON!

Police LT Candidate


Without a doubt, training with Fire Assessment Center Prep played a huge role in my promotions to both Captain & Battalion Chief.  

The amount of money I spent on both online classes & private coaching with them was not only worth it, but it would have been a bargain at 10 times the price!

The knowledge and tactics I learned not only helped me score high on the exams, but made me more confident in my new positions.  I literally find myself using what I learned with them just about every shift on the job.

For anyone considering it or not sure about spending the money, I say invest in yourself.  If you’re willing to put in the time, the payback both in knowledge and quality of life will be exponential.

Big thanks to Chief Johns & Chief Freddie, I could not have done it without you!

Marc Scarfone

Newly promoted Battalion Chief (#1 on the list)

Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue


Chief, I scored number one! Thank you so much for your help! I’m very grateful!

Kristen Sargent


Chief Freddie,
After using your material to prepare for the assessment center I was able to place number 1 on my Lt. Assessment center and place number 1 overall. No doubt, using your material helped me to properly prepare and execute. The skype session I had with you was invaluable as it helped me to really fine tune the format for my responses. You’ll be happy to know that the FF that placed second also used your program. Thanks again.

Ryan Clifford


Hello everyone and thank you for taking a moment to read this letter.  My name is Ana Fernandez, I am Florida certified Structural Building Firefighter as well as a Florida certified Wildland Firefighter and Florida Certified EMT.

I first met Deputy Fire Chief Freddie Fernandez back in 2001 when he was a Battalion Chief and I was working as an Emergency Room Technician in a local South Florida hospital.  I had heard through other Fire Department candidates that Chief Freddie hosted seminars on how to successfully pass Fire and Police oral board interviews. I took Chief Freddie’s “Entry Level Interview Prep Course” and I received a perfect score of 5 out of 5 in the interview process in 2001. I did not get hired with this particular department; however the experience was of great valve and thus began my journey into Public Safety.

Soon after the 2001 experience I put myself through fire school and became a Florida certified Firefighter and I received my Associates Degree in “Fire Science Technologies”. I continued my pursuit to get hired as a Firefighter and while in the process of applying everywhere and anywhere I took another “Entry Level Interview Prep Course” with Chief Freddie.  I landed another interview and I again scored a perfect score for this particular department.  This time I did get hired and consequently began my career as a “Professional Firefighter”. It was an exhilarating feeling to say the least to finally get hired and I would credit my success both to my fierce determination and to the excellent communication skills that I learned while participating in Chief Freddie’s “Entry Level Interview Prep Course”.

Since then I returned to school and I will graduate with a (BAS) Bachelors in Science in the spring of 2015. My concentration is in “Public Safety Management” with a minor in Criminal Justice. I applied for several internship programs as part of my requirements for my degree. I was informed I had qualified for an interview with a local Fire Department in their “Emergency Management Department”.  As a result I once again reached out to Chief Freddie. For this type of interview Chief Freddie suggested I take his “Fire Assessment Center- Promotional Structured Interview Course”. This was an “online convenient course” with 6 different major components. For this particular interview I concentrated on component “#2- Tactical/Fire Emergency Operations- How to successfully run an emergency Scene and component #5- Fire Department Promotional Interview. I went into this interview with a different sense of anxiety because I understood my interviewer (The Emergency Manager/Assistant Fire Chief) was looking for an experienced problem solver and at this point in my career I felt I should be prepared to pull this off. The interview was a success and I was blessed to have been offered an internship program with said Fire Department in their Division of Emergency Management.

Eight months after applying for a particular “Public Safety Department” I received the awesome news that I had been selected to interview for the position of “Public Safety Officer; the PSO has triple certifications as a Firefighter, Police Officer and EMT or Paramedic. This is ultimately my dream job because I can utilize my degree in Criminal Justice and functions not only as a Firefighter but as a Police Officer as well.

Before my interview certainly I took a refresher Fire Assessment Center Prep Course on line. At this point in my career I felt very comfortable with my communication skills even under the sometimes extreme pressures of “oral boards and scenario based questions interviews”.

My interview was a success, as was all other areas of the hiring process. I have been extended a conditional offer of employment with said “Public Safety Department”. Without hesitation I can say I was as confident as I was sitting in front of a “Fire Marshal, Police Commander, Police Sargent and City Clerk” because I knew my personal years of hands on experience in Public Safety, my hard work, and my knowledge had brought me to this awesome juncture in my life but also because of the outstanding and practical information I learned with Chief Freddie and Chief John’s “Fire Assessment Prep Center” Couse.

Thanks Chief Freddie for all your knowledge and great advice.  I wish everyone out there the best of luck in all their endeavors and remember NEVER GIVE UP!

Ana R. Fernandez


Chiefs, Just wanted to inform you that I finished number 1 in our promotional process and I will be promoted to Captain when our new fire station opens around the end of the year. Your video on size up was a great help to maximizing all my points!

Thanks for the help,  Gene Holland, Bentonville


Just thought I would let you know that we took our assessment test yesterday morning. I found out in the evening that I came out number 1 of 7 Batllion Chief candidates. The courses were very helpful. I definitely would not have done as well if I hadn’t used them. Thank you.  SC


Well Chief you can put another #1 on your score sheet! Thank you for a fantastic program. I do feel that your program was excellent in preparing me for this and I would have struggled horribly without it. Thank you very much for all your help I’ll keep you updated on the results. Have a great weekend!

Vito Kavaliunas, Maple Heights, OH



 I would like to tell you I scored number 1 on my oral assessment exam.  I just got the results this evening.  I also would like to add I scored number 1 on my written and am now sitting as the first candidate to be promoted!!
Thank you for your program, I learned almost too much from it.  The thing that still stands out more than anything is you teach to be ready to sit in the front seat on the first day as an officer and not just to pass the test.
Thank you,  Kyle CondraCarmel Fire Department


I would like to thank you both for the great information and training I received through your courses.  I first purchased Emergency Ops Tactical and Subordinate Counseling for my Lieutenant Test in November 2013 and received a new way of thinking when it came to dealing with these questions.  From all the research I had done and mix of practical training and your course I scored #1 on the written and when the results came out I was also #1 overall and saw that I passed with almost 5 points more than the next candidate on the list.  I was promoted in January of 2014.

Michael Ondo


Seminole Tribe Fire Rescue


Sorry for taking so long getting back to you but the challenge process for the practical assessment had the results up in the air for a little while. I ended up finishing #1 on the practical portion of the test and #3 overall. I should be getting promoted some time in the next year to a year and a half. The fire assessment center prep programs provided a ton of information on the scoring process and dimensions as well as providing a solid system to follow. I will recommend it to my friends. Thanks for the help.

Gregg Gordon


Hello it’s Mike Carsten from Tucson Fire. We got our results from our recent BC test. I ranked #2 out of 23 people. I wanted to thank you for the help. The modules I used from your company were a huge help in my success. I am a believer that your product is a must for those who want to promote and be at the top of their respective promotional list.
Thank You,   Mike Carsten

(Mike was #1 on the assessment center)


Dear Chief’s,
This is Scott Delamore of Dfd. I wanted to thank you guys for your help and the personal time you both put into helping all of us through this process. I finished 5th overall and followed the plan you laid out. I look forward to working with you again when it’s time to go for Captain.
Thanks again,



Chief Johns, I am pleased to let you know that I was notified on July 3rd that I finished #1 on the promotional list for Battalion Chief.  With the help of your program, I was well prepared.  I will be promoted on July 21.

Thank you again for your great program.  Lt. Bill Lark, Mundelein Fire Department


It’s funny to see yourself in the marquee lights!  I took your prep class and moved up from #12 after the written to #4 after the assessment!  Thanks again for all your help.
Lt. Chris Guidry

Dallas Fire Rescue`

___________________________________________Chief Freddie,I just received my BC assessment center results.  I scored #1. Your two courses helped me so much. You really have a good product.Thanks so much,  Eddie Gonzales, Battalion Chief
To chief Freddie,
Just wanted to thank you for reviewing my resume. I really appreciate it.  I’m glad to hear that you think I have strong education and work experience.  Your program has really made a difference in the way I feel doing my interview. And I can’t thank you enough. I will be certain to recommend you to anyone I know looking for help with interviews or promotions. I certainly will be using your program again when it’s time for me to do a promotional exam. Once again. Thank you.
-Jordan Jurgrau



I just wanted to thank you and your programs. I took a few classes from you in the past and learned many valuable lessons. I was able to apply the lessons learned in my last interview process. Needless to say, I was promoted to Division Chief of Training and Safety with Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue. Thanks again, for all you do to help motivated firefighters advance their careers in this awesome job–Shon Broedell


Hello Chief Fernandez,

I wanted to give you an update on my status. I am #2 on our promotional list for the lieutenant position and there are only 2 openings!!! I know without a doubt that the online classes and the one-to-one coaching that you provided to me allowed me to rate so highly on the assessment centers. Thank you for your help and for the help from Fire Assessment Center Prep.   Will Tramel,  Frisco Fire Department (TX)


My assessment center was March 12th and there was 13 candidates taking the assessment center after the written exam.  I scored a 96% overall on the assessment center and was the highest score out of all the candidates.

Thanks to tips and training provided by these courses, I will be promoting to Lieutenant in June.  Thank you Chief Fernandez and Chief Johns for taking the time to put together these courses and learning tools.  I will be using and recommending these courses in future promotions.      Ben Cotton, Abilene Fire Department,  Abilene, TX


Hello Chief Johns,

I am writing  to inform you that I have received a conditional job offer with Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue. Thank you very much for working with me and giving me the confidence I needed to ace the interview.  Your program did it for me. Again, thank you!

I will be sure to spread the word about your New Hire Interview program.

Thanks,  Dameion


Dear Chiefs,
I just wanted to say thanks for coming to Dallas to assist in training with our Lieutenant’s Assessment.  I took SMARTCO and SHECOPES and integrated it into my outlines and had great success.  I have been promoted as the #1 LT candidate and received perfect scores all three days!  I’m very excited about this new opportunity and the new challenge it brings.  Thanks again for all the assistance and sharing your product that has such proven success.

Thanks,  David Leos, Dallas Fire Department


Chief Freddie and Chief Johns,

I wanted to drop you a note of thanks for the help you provided me in preparing for my Lieutenant Assessment Center.

After using your training, all the prep, the preplanning, the time management, the problem solving model, the real-life conditions for practice, I moved up to 8th place overall! As you know, that is a big jump, and it means my assessment scores were very good. And the reason they were very good is because of you two.So, thanks again. Respectfully, John Murray, Dallas Fire Rescue Department________________________________________

Dear Chief Freddie and Chief Johns

I Just finished my fire code and arson investigation certification class this past week. I wanted to thank both of you for helping me get promoted to the position of fire inspector and fire investigator. When I contacted you guys back in May 24 ,2013 I only had 3 weeks to study for my oral portion of the test. My test was scheduled for June 15 and making the situation more difficult was the fact I had not received the test orientation packet. However that did not deter you guys in putting together a plan for me to follow. At first I was skeptical but decided to watch the videos and follow your instructions and directions. With only 5 days to go for the test and not having received my test orientation packet from human resource dept. I had decided to give up and not take the test but quickly changed my mind when I received a phone call from Chief Freddy checking up on me. At this point I think you guys cared more about me getting promoted than I did. LOL. Thank God, I received  the test orientation packet via email on June 11.With only 4 days till test day  I immediately  forward it to Chief Freddie who set up a emergency Skype session with Chief Johns. When I called  Chief Johns he was having dinner with his wife, but  promised to call me as soon as he got to his house. We had 1 Skype session .He was so thorough that 1 session was all I needed .On Saturday June 15,2013 I took my test and scored a 88 on my written and a 6.76 out of a possible 7 on my oral. I had a total score of 92.29 and finished #1 on the list. Thank you guys again for not only  helping me place  #1 on the list but for also going the extra mile with your students to help them succeed.

Sincerely, Rafael Zayas  N.H.F.D Fire inspector/investigator


Hello again Chief. I just wanted to thank you and Chief Johns again for the help with my promotional test. I have taken three promotional test using your program and have been promoted to Lieutenant, Captain, and just came in number one on the District Fire Chiefs test. I just received word I’ll be promoted this week. Your program is no doubt the best instructional guidelines for taking the assessment center style test that is available. In all three assessment center test I have taken, your program gave me the confidence, tools, and ability to excell above the rest of the candidates. The systematic approach I learned in the prep classes I used not only to take the test but also in my role in the fire service. I recommend this course to anyone seeking to score number one on their promotional test. Thanks again,

Russell Collier,  Montgomery Fire/Rescue,  Montgomery Alabama ____________________________________________

Dear Chief Freddie

I wanted to express my appreciation for your instruction and direction during my recent preparation for the District Chief exam.  The one-on-one interaction along with the structured approach to the oral interviews you teach gave me the knowledge, skills and ability to master the examination.  Your presentation offers anyone taking an exam a generic yet effective model of thinking through a scenario they may face.

In fact, there is no better testament to your ability to prepare someone for an examination than the Hialeah Fire Department’s District Chief’s list.  Of seven candidates that took the oral portion of the exam, the only three to successfully complete the test and make it to the list were your customers.  Preparing with you gave the edge we needed to be successful.

Knowing you both personally and professionally as an instructor I was confident in your ability to deliver a successful program, however, I was impressed with how much I was able to take from your course. Please feel free to direct anyone who wants a reference or needs an actual account of your services my way, I am happy to tout your talents. Thanks again!

Best Regards, Marcos Delarosa

We got our results this past week.  I ranked #2 on the District Fire Chief’s test.  Thank you very much.  The course really helped me put some missing pieces together that I have been missing in the prior test.Thanks, Scott.______________________________________________Dear Chief Freddie and Chief Johns,On February 20th, 2014 one of the happiest days of my life! I received a phone call from PBCFR asking if I was interested in being employed with them? (Obviously I said “of course”). But in all seriousness I was able to have the confidence I needed when interviewing with them through watching your video assessment for new hires, and being able to speak with you one on one as well. I just wanted to thank you and Chief Freddie for all your support and always answering any questions I may have. This is definitely the best program out there and I would highly recommend it to anybody trying to get hired on the Fire department.

Thanks so much!!!  Sincerely,  Jennie Pickens

_____________________________________________________________Hi Chief Freddie,

Yes, the training video for the in-basket was excellent. Along, with the one on one training from last year, I was able to score #2 out of 46 candidates on this years promotional exam.
So both myself and Michael Huff (#3 last year) are very thankful for your help. I’m looking forward to using you for future promotional exams, and will happily spread the word about
your program. Again, thank you so much!!
Mark Ferringer, Sarasota, FL

______________________________________________________________Just got my scores. I scored a 99.67 on my tactical portion. This places me with a overall score of # 2 on the promotional list. There are two spots available for promotion. Great news. Thanks for your help.Sent from Lewis______________________________________________________________Chief Johns & Chief Freddie,Our results are not in yet, but I can say the training was very beneficial. I was able to organize my presentations in a way that I could choose an action and give details to support the action, and follow that with intended outcomes. The first 2 days I hit the 10 minute time limit to the second. Day 3 scenario was  very very complicated so I was unable to make a closing statement. It was a great training.Lt. Blume________________________________________________________________Hi Chief,I would like to thank you for providing an excellent course to help me through the promotion process. I scored a 94 on the tactical exercise and finished number 1 overall on the lieutenants list. I truly appreciate your time through personal calls and offered advise. Stay safe.GM Miskiv

Hi Chief Freddie, we just got our results two days ago, and I blew it
out of the water just like you said.  The closest person to me was
three points behind me, and the third place was 7 points.  Just wanted
to let you know that everything you told me worked and I really appreciate
your help. thanks again, John.   NY
Hey Chiefs,
Just wanted to let y’all know the certified list came out today and I’m sitting at number 7 out of 188!  Couldn’t have don’t it without y’all.  Amazing course.  Thank you for all the advice and time y’all took took to assist me.
Kevin Leago

HFD EO/P – Soon to be Capt!!!



I wanted to  write you a quick email and let you know that our Captains promotion process is now complete.  I just received notification today that I scored in the top three and was selected to be promoted to the rank of operations Captain.  I feel that your study materials played a huge role in my promotion, so for that I would like to Thank You and Chief Johns.  My only regret is that I would have found your site and materials before I did so I could have studied them more but as it stands now everything worked out great. So again Thank You both very much for your help it was time well spent!  I will certainly refer your site to anyone going through a process from now on.

Thanks again,    David Kail,  Zionsville Fire Department


We got our results from our BC test yesterday.  I was number 8 after the written.  After the assessment I went to number 1.  Much thanks headed to both of you.  I appreciate the fact that you would call me personally and walk me through things. Your program showed me how to devote my efforts.
John Sutton, Dallas TX
Hey Chief’s,
I just wanted to say thank you for creating such an excellent set of courses. I have just finished the courses and I am 100% confident my score has been doubled if not more just by watching your video’s. I look forward to continuing raising my score even higher by attending a few Skype sessions and staying in the books.
Kevin, HFD
Chief Freddie,I just received the call that I have been promoted to Division Chief!  I can’t thank you enough for helping me prepare for this promotional exam.  When I started this process I knew I had the education and the experience, however I was missing the understanding of how to win at the assessment center.  The problem solving method and understanding of dimensions proved INVALUABLE!  Even though my “in-basket” was slightly different from what you and I had practiced, the fundamentals were the same and I was able to smoke it by applying your methods!  I can’t thank you enough for your support, encouragement, and interest in my success!Regards,James Ippolito


Chief Johns and Chief Freddie,It was an extreme delight to have both of you as coaches. Venturing into this process, I was looking for books to read and quick information for the assessment center. When I came across your website, I was a bit leery about reading the testimonies. However, I sent a quick email and within 2 hours I received a call on my cell phone. That was the first impression about your company. Immediate response to a customer’s need is essential. As the process went on for about one month the email interaction, the phone communication, and the Skype sessions were phenomenal. I was so impressed with the class content, the presentation of information, the motivational conversation, and the tough critiques. Through it all, the time and money was well spent and very rewarding. I was seven full points away from the closest candidate. I was number one, however with our service points award with no percentage my final ranking was number 2. Of all the training I have been through, this was a testing process that was and will be a real world application. In all of this process, I have made two new friends and coaches for life.In advance, thank you all for designing such a process and being obedient to your calling from God, “Serving those that serve others through service.”
Optimistic, Kevin Coppage
Chief, Just wanted to send you a quick thank you for the help you provided me with my preparation for the Capt test. It helped a ton, especially the in-basket exercise because I was not familiar with it at all at first but I was able to break it down with your method.
JBostic, Captain
Thank you!!!  You filled a huge void in my preparation…….your class was truly the “missing link”.  I cannot begin to tell you how much more confident I feel going into this process!  I truly appreciated you going out of your way to teach me!!!  James I., PBG Division
Chief Johns,
I would like to thank you for all the help on the District Chief’s Exam.  Scoring #1 overall and #1 on the assessment center has paid for itself already. I was 3rd after the written and could have never moved to number 1 without your expertise!   The best return on any investment I have ever made.  I am a better officer because of the training you provided.  I recommend your training to anyone wanting to score at the top of the list and become a better officer.
Thank You, District Chief Mulligan
Chief Freddie,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you  for your training. As a result, I scored number two on the assessment center and number two on the overall ranking for eligibility on the lieutenants list for the City of Coral Gables Fire Rescue. I believe because of your model and method of answering questions, I was able to respond to any question which was directed to me. Most importantly, I learned valuable details on how to present myself during the assessment center.
Thank you, Carlos Lopez
Chief Freddie,
By now you know you’re 4 for 4 here in Buffalo. Thanks for all your help, I’m confident I wouldn’t have placed 2nd on the DC exam without your help. You need to take your show on the road. Thanks again.
Regards, Jim
Battalion Chief James LaMacchia
Chief Johns, Thanks for everything!!  The results for LT came out and I’m #1  thanks, Chris Davis  Ft. Lauderdale, fl
Chief Freddie, I am extremely pleased to inform you that I placed number 7 out of 120 on the Lieutenants exam!!!I I truly believe that your guidance helped me reach this milestone in my firefighting career. The discipline that you instilled on us and your vast knowledge of firefighting and test prep were what put me in the top 10!! You are truly an asset to anyone looking to advance in their career!!  Thanks again!!      Ken Sikora
Chief Freddie, I just want to say thank you for giving me the tools and the confidence to finish number
#4 of 120,  gpa (96.6 ) on the Buffalo Fire promotional lieutenants exam. I am at a loss for words that I will finally achieve my ultimate goal of being promoted . Thanks to your methodology and skillfull teaching I will reach this goal.Thank you again chief
Doug Oshei E3 BFD
Chief Johns, First I’d like to thank you for all of the help and guidance that you have given me. The second is to let anyone that is serous about competing for a promotional position know that the playing field is not level. Professional preparation is the key. I have always done well in promotional processes, but was never able to score in the top three on assessment centers. When I decided to go to Chief Johns I wanted to run every scenario possible for fear of the unknown. By the time I was finished I knew that it didn’t matter what they threw at me because I was ready for anything. I finished number two on the final Captain’s list, and scored a 98.85% on the assessment center.
Thank you
Brendan Branagan
Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue
Chief Johns,I was recently informed that I placed first on the Battalion Captain’s test and should be riding seat within the next 2-3 weeks.  I wanted to thank you and Chief Freddie again for your time and efforts.  Diligence pays off.Sincerely,     Lt. Malachi Horowitz____________________________________________________________________

Chief, I just want to thank you for all of your help in making me understand the promotional process and the assessment board questioning . Your program is very well put together and will prepare anyone to do well in the promotional process. The thing that helped me the most was that I had the knowledge, but did not display the confidence in front of the board. The program that you have come up with is the key, your motto of ” The only proof of ability is performance” sums it up. The feeling that I had when you were teaching me is that its a passion and not just going through the motions. Anyone who ever wants to further their career as an officer should take this course to make them understand the process and display the confidence of a good officer. There is no trickery other than making you believe in yourself.Thank you
Sgt. John L. Risoldi Sr.
Kill Devil Hills Fire Department
North Carolina

Well, I came in 2nd; I missed first by 1 point… I went and reviewed the assessment center and I was surprised by the results. I received 7 and mostly 8’s on the presentation and conflict resolution. The tactical was an apartment fire. I felt very good about it and even one of my Chief’s listened and said I smoked it, that I set the bar for the rest. I asked my Chief who listened in on it and he said “if you run a fire out on the street the way you ran the scenario you will do just fine.”
I can’t thank you enough for all your help and assistance in getting me ready for the assessment center. As funny as it may sound, I was more nervous for the written than the assessment center. I was very comfortable going into the assessment center that morning as if I was training with you. The tactical was the first thing I did and I can honestly say that if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change anything I did. If I had an assessment center tomorrow I would do the same thing all over again. In the other scenarios, I just felt very confident and because of your help I went above and beyond and did all those extra things you taught me and it definitely paid off 🙂
Thank you very much for everything.Michelle Popek,
City of Miramar Fire Rescue

Chief, the test overall went well. I am currently sitting number one. I am hoping my promotion comes in the next month or so. Your preparation was invaluable and without it I would have been nowhere near that. Everything you taught was right on. I got caught on a couple things expecting more and it didn’t happen; it was almost too simple.Keith Rozak,
Deerfield Beach Fire Rescue

Chief, My name is Anthony Vila. My father, Tony Vila, is a firefighter for your department. I wanted to thank you for helping me acquire a perfect score on the Miami-Dade County firefighter oral exam. After taking your seminar I felt very confident during my test. After watching my dad become the oldest firefighter to graduate (44 1/2 yrs. old), I became excited to become a firefighter myself. I am currently number 129 on the county list and should be called by the end of the year. Once again, thank you.
Thank you very much for everything.Sincerely,
Anthony J. Vila

As a Lieutenant taking my first Captain’s exam I knew I would need to score high to have any chance of being promoted. I had heard so many good things about Chief Freddie’s approach and his teaching methods that I was looking forward to hearing what he had to say. The ideas, innovations, and concepts, along with the basic format I got from my meetings with the Chief blew me away. I knew immediately that I had made the right choice.
Our Captain’s exam involved an assessment center with several different scenarios. Chief Freddie’s approach to the assessment center was easily understandable but also able to adapt to any personal innovations that can separate you from the pack.
Chiefs experience with assessment centers gave me a solid foundation to work with for every scenario from fire ground tacticals, subordinate counseling as well as a training presentation. Thanks to your approach and some hard work I was the top scoring candidate on the Captains exam. Everybody can work hard, but you can show how to work smart.Thanks Chief,
Capt. David Moye
City of Miami Fire-Rescue

This year I set a goal for my self to become a Captain for the Fire Department. I decided that I must set certain objectives for myself in order to achieve the desired goal. My first objective was to get a very high score on the written portion of the exam. I achieved this by putting in a number of hours toward studying the assigned material. The next objective was preparing for the assessment center portion of the exam. This was a little more difficult for me, due to the fact that I did not know what to expect. I feel that through your training sessions I was not only able to understand what to expect, but also able to understand how the entire process is managed. You gave me the ability to succeed in reaching my overall goal, which was to score number one on the Captain eligibility roster.Thank you,
James Estep

Wanting to achieve my dream of becoming a firefighter, I decided to do all that I could to prepare me for the challenge. I studied for the written test, trained hard for the physical, but it was the oral test that had me worried the most. Typically, I feel comfortable speaking to a crowd, but not knowing what to expect in this kind of exam had me extremely nervous.  I couldn’t have asked for a better prep course! We were taken through every step of the oral exam, as well as what to expect while on the job. All of this coming from experienced firefighters. Students were taught how to structure answers to various types of questions and what the panelists were looking for. We were also allowed the chance to practice and be critiqued by the very knowledgeable staff. Thanks to not only the constructive criticism, but also to the positive praise, Chief and the staff helped me to achieve the maximum amount of points possible on the oral exam and bring me one step closer to my dream!Kristy Sheridan, Miami

Chief, Sir
As I stated over the phone, I scored 20 out of 20 in my oral interview. I feel this is directly due to the fact that I attended both of your interview pictorial classes. As it stands, I am number 283 out of approximately 2,000 people that are currently on the list. I feel extremely proud and blessed that God has allowed me to make it this far. I approached my interview with the same fury that I approach anything that has to do with the Fire Department. However, I can honestly tell you that it never occurred to me that I can actually get a perfect score. It was because of your expertise and knowledge that I was able to do so well. I sincerely thank you and all the other gentlemen that were involved in the teaching. It was a privilege to be taught by such a well respected group of individuals. God bless you and your family.Sincerely,
Ana Fernandez, Miami Dade Firefighter Candidate

The list is out and I know where I am, I am so excited I can’t see straight. I KNEW I SLAMMED DUNK THAT ORAL INTERVIEW!!!! I just didn’t want to get my hopes up.
Thank you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Denise Zulueta, Miami Dade Firefighter Candidate

Fort Myers: Congratulations to Don Jacob who scored #1 on his recent promotional exam for the rank of Lieutenant. Here is what Don had to say:

Palm Beach Gardens: “Chief, well, you can add me to your advertisement list of #1 promotional candidates. I scored a 94% on the written and a 100% on the practical. Thanks for your help and the program it really made a difference.” This test result speaks for itself.

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